Treating Myself


#sol18- June 19, 2018

For those of you who have read my posts in the last few weeks you will remember that this is guaranteed to be a busy summer- a combination of moving schools/countries, visiting friends and family, and several PD opportunities. School ended on June 8 and to put it mildly the logistics of leaving Malaysia were time-consuming and stressful. My past school was preparing to move to a unified campus and there was a stipend offered for people who would be willing to stay 3-5 days after school ended to supervise packers- sounded like easy money, but it played out differently. Turns out to get anything accomplished we teachers were packing for the most part while the packers were making boxes and taping them up after. It turned out to be hot and sweaty work, so the 5 days I planned on helping I cut back to 3. Couple that with many trips running all over town to get all kinds of last minute errands done (returning the modem to the right location after an attempt at another place is just one example) during the last days of Ramadan when the city is filled with tourists, empty of taxis, and devoid of many people who genuinely are so tired from fasting all month that they really do not have the energy to help you problem solve.

Just a few days before I was set to leave I got an email from the airline saying that I could upgrade the first part of my journey. My leaving school had paid for the flight, so, I rationalized, maybe I could spring for the upgrade, never having flown business class. The first flight was nearly 7 hours and left at 2AM, so the ad promising a flat bed for the trip was quite convincing.


Not me, but priority boarding, yes, please!


Also not me, but I looked at the upgraded menu on line…


Okay, not me again, these are all from the convincing email from Emirates. 

After conferring with my friend, Ellen, I did it, I splurged! Another friend told me she had yet to ever regret upgrading on any of her flights, so that sold me. I then got so excited that I tried to upgrade on the second flight (14 hours), but no luck- those seats were already sold.

I have to admit the trip in business class felt very decadent! I can not believe that for many of my students this is the only way they do long haul travel.


The side area of my seat- two different remotes for the huge TV (not pictured), so I did not have to stretch at all. 


Literally more than a thousand entertainment choices. 


My Bulgari toiletry bag!


Yes, there was a bar on board!

The good news is that I ate well, slept some, and was ready for the second flight after a three-hour layover in Dubai. 14 hours was long, but I think the luxurious first flight had relaxed me enough to be calm when nobody was there right away to meet me at the Boston airport.

Now back to reality as an intrepid traveller, as tomorrow I will take my next flight of the summer, this time to Chicago via Spirit Airlines where I was shocked to see I would have to pay for a carry-on.

1 thought on “Treating Myself

  1. Terje

    After the stress of ending the year the luxurious flight seems like a blessing. I am very happy for you. Something to remember for sure.


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