First Impressions


#sol18- July 24, 2018

Apologies for a short post and the lack of pictures- it has been such a busy week! This week is a Top 5 of first impressions (in no particular order) of my new life in Phnom Penh!

  1. The food- I had heard Phnom Penh was a great city for food and so far that is holding true, not just Khmer food, but all kinds of food! Fresh ingredients and thoughtfully prepared-win!
  2. My new colleagues- I have met many of the new teachers (not all yet) and I am enjoying them. One couple I worked with years ago in Mumbai, but the rest are new  to me- nothing like figuring out a new city together to create bonds!
  3. The hotel- we are staying at a lovely hotel for up to 10 days while we find housing and it is in a great location for exploring the city and so comfortable! I will miss the breakfasts for sure and the people could not be nicer! All this getting used to a new city is sure made nicer by the temporary home we have here!
  4. The school- I had my first view of the school the other day with of few of the newbies because two of them had family in town and wanted to see the school. It is beautiful and exciting- now, must find more bookshelves before my shipment arrives!
  5. Apartment hunting- everyone had said that apartments are in good supply here and it is much easier to get into an apartment quickly. I contacted an agent and arranged to meet him the morning after I arrived. I saw about 20 places the first day. Well, turns out I am not an easy sell- poor man took me out a few more days (with only a few places each of the following days) before on day 4 I narrowed it down to tow places. I then had to decide and when I finally did I was lucky and got my first choice. Another new teacher will be in the building, which is nice. I actually have ro pictures of the place, only some of her place, as I had looked at that one before she decided to take it. Bonus for the agent I used was on the last day I brought another new teacher along and he was able to help her find an apartment too (she actually moved into the building of my second choice apartment). I move in  on Friday- the day I have to be out of the hotel.

The days ahead will be busy, busy, busy! Orientation starts Thursday, my son is in this weekend for a quick visit, and it all get real soon. These first impressions are making me excited and happy here! Goodbye summer, hello new life!

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