Making Time


#sol19- March 2, 2019

Today I was reflecting on how I choose to use time. I know I feel better when I write as often as possible- somehow that is possible during the March SOLC, but the rest of the year I often only write once a week.

Lately, I am not reading as much as usual and I am blaming it on new school busy, but realistically I know that everyone has the same 24 hours and it is up to us (at least in part) how we spend that time.

Since my sons left home I have spent less of my time cooking-sometimes I miss the nightly routine of cooking and then I do cook, but so often it is throwing together something easy or calling for delivery. Today cooking for myself became more important again- although yesterday’s doctor said my cholesterol level was borderline the cardiologist today called it high and at my request (both my parents have had heart attacks) prescribed some cholesterol-lowering medications.

I finally took the time to get a complete physical and I knew that I would hear some things I would rather not. Now I have to do my part- I have to take the time to eat more homemade food. I also need to get serious about getting regular exercise (Zumba once a week is not enough).

So, I see time shifting again in my very near future. More time spent shopping for and preparing heart-healthy food, more time exercising- what will slide off my plate as a result? I know in the last year I have watched more TV than in the previous eight, so that is a trade I am willing to make. I have even been giving myself hints in the last few months- I bought some hand weights and a stretchy band, so now to break them free from their packaging.

I am reclaiming some of my wasted hours and taking them back to make better use of it. Sigh, this getting older gig is fraught with new challenges! Ugh, but better than the alternative!

11 thoughts on “Making Time

  1. Last year, for Lent, I gave up being lazy. Nearly a year later I am still walking six days a week. Somehow the time still all works out, though I agree with you – I’m not sure how I can write every day in March and struggle to get it down once a week the rest of the year.

  2. I agree this getting older business is challenging. It is amazing what can and cannot get done in 24 hours. Here’s to using our time wisely!

  3. I started a low carb eating plan in January 2018 and lost over 40 pounds and have kept it off! Exercise is what I am missing so maybe we can hold each other accountable!!

  4. Great ending: better than the alternative!
    Through your reflection on time, all that you value omes through in this post. And how we spend our time is a choose. I am glad you are trying to choose wisely!

  5. Thank you for this post! I have two young children who are 7 and 9, and, along with teaching, there never seems to be enough time. I am learning how to make more time for me.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree and relate. This getting older business is not fun! And what I wonder: how did this happen?!! Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your thoughts–it let’s me know I’m not alone…

  7. This is my last semester of college (and my second semester student teaching), and as a self-published author, I want to practice for what life next year will really be like, meaning I’ve been trying to make time each day to not only attend to the needs of my classroom outside of school hours, my college coursework, and the novels I am writing. It really is always a balance, and we must always find what works best for us. We definitely need to hold ourselves accountable to do make positive changes to our lives.

  8. If I went to the doctor, I am sure I would hear similar things – move more, eat better and eat less! I like Kristi’s idea of giving up being lazy for lent. I wouldn’t call myself lazy, but certainly need to move more! Way to reclaim those wasted hours!

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