New in the Neighborhood in Search of a Slice


#sol19- March 30, 2019

I took advantage of an unscheduled weekend to stay at home until afternoon (reading Jennifer Serravallo’s latest, Reading Conferences, which I showed great restraint in waiting until the weekend to read).

I wondered what I could slice about today and decided to take a field trip. After reading a friend’s Facebook post I knew it was time to go explore Dai Khmer, a social enterprise that has recently opened in the neighborhood with a small shop/refill station. The website listed the address as at the corner of Street 464 and Street 155- sounded simple, until I got to that corner. Of course, that is just an approximation and meant I had four ways to look. Choice one was the way I had come and I had not noticed the shop’s name which did not necessarily mean I had not passed it by, but I turned left on 464. Fail. Walking back to the corner I crossed busy 155 and looked on both sides of the street. I still did not see it, but a sign I had passed on the other side of the street caught my eye- perhaps it was the symbol for the shop I had seen earlier on Facebook? Yes!

It is starting out small, but in speaking to the woman in there today she has plans for more to come. She has sponge seeds planted out front, is growing her own aloe vera, and has local connections for some other ingredients.

Laundry detergent, local honey, coconut oil, banana sugar, pepper, and more. 
Soap and shampoo bars. 

This time I only bought a few things, but I will be a regular customer. I love that this is just a short walk from my apartment.

I have been wanting a reusable wooden cutlery set- perfect for travel. 

It made sense when I got home to read the Action for Happiness message for today: “Mindful March – Day 30: Notice the joy to be found in the simple things of life. #MindfulMarch.”

It is great to see the interest in sustainable products growing here. I hope the shop will be successful


8 thoughts on “New in the Neighborhood in Search of a Slice

  1. What a wonderful store! I love the refill station idea and am fascinated by some of the options–banana sugar!? Your post is reminding me that I could go a long way toward reducing what I use in my own home, and that there is power implicit in my purchasing choices. Thanks for the peek at your neighborhood store and the reminder to be more thoughtful about my own environmental impact.

  2. Thanks for bringing us along with you. Love the pictures of the things she’s selling– especially the wooden cutlery– what a good idea. I hope it’s successful too! Sounds like you’ll be helping it along!

  3. How great that is – to discover a little oasis in your own neighborhood. I love this. I think that their endeavor has found a fine supporter in you. I hope they succeed as well. It is the small, independent businesses that are such gems. Thank you again for glimpse into a world that is so different from mine. So enriching to read.

  4. YAAAAY! I also got the little cutlery set – one for me and one for my friend when she comes, and for when we travel! 🙂
    I loved reading your post, positivity and promotion of awesome sustainability in Phnom Penh! 🙂

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