One Little Word


#sol20- January 7, 2020

This year’s word choice was actually a collection of wonderful moments. For the first time since I started choosing a word (which I learned was 2013) I actually was a bit methodical. First, I searched back and found out what my previous words were (love, brave, change, joy, brave, challenge, and intention) and on December 13 (our last half-day of school) I started a written list of possibilities. By the end of December, my list had ballooned to more than 30! On the 31st I shared a shortlist with a few friends (and then on Facebook) and I more suggestions (not what I needed, MORE words!?!).

In actually being open-minded I considered them all and added a few to my list- now at 38! I went to sleep on December 31 with it narrowed down to two, leaning towards one. I woke up convinced it should be moxie. It was suggested by a friend, Linnea (actually she sent ‘moxy’), who knows me pretty well. I researched it a bit the day before, so I knew that my friend, Ashley has it as part of her Twitter handle (and she is someone I really admire). Turns out Michelle had it as previous OLW and she is a great mentor too!

I like that it means force of character, determination, or nerve. It is also a regionalism (New England) for chutzpah and can mean gumption, brashness, or just plain pluck. Vigor and pep also come up in definitions. I wanted a word that I can use to help me push myself and this seemed to fit.

I want to show more moxie as I strive to align my actions and beliefs. I want to be a positive model of a lifelong learner and will push myself to learn new things (bullet journal workshop already signed up for as a start). I also signed up for the #100daysofnotebooking (thanks, @mhaseltine) and that is already pushing me to try out new things (and get back to writing regularly). I avoid confrontation but hope that my focus on moxie will encourage me to stand up when I should. Much to my mother’s horror, I am a rule follower, but I am trying to make sure this does not mean I compromise strong beliefs. Living alone, I tend to be a hermit in my free time- so I will use moxie as my reason to get out and about more. I feel like it is an extension of my word from last year- with a sprinkling of joy.

Here’s to a new year and new challenges!

PS If you have not joined #100daysofnotebooking it is not too late- look for it on Facebook, Twitter, or on Michelle’s blog. It is a super fun (and growing) group full of inspiration!

6 thoughts on “One Little Word

  1. What a great word for you, personally and professionally! Moxie doesn’t mean that you go from 0-100 on issues, but does mean that you will be aligning your actions and beliefs. I’m under 5 choices and feel confident that my word will arrive by next week . . . or so!

  2. Moxie is such a cool word! I’m excited to read about where it takes you this year. I definitely need more moxie in my life!

  3. Moxie is good for so many reasons, but I just love saying that word out loud! So fun! Great choice and love how you processed through deciding and committing to your word.

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