#SoL20- Day 23-Lost and Found!


#sol20-March 23, 2020

I wrote about my beloved carrot cake recipe at least once (well at least three times, it turns out!) Today I got that dreaded message from Apple, that my iCloud storage was full, so nothing more could be saved. How are those two thoughts related you might ask?

Pictures, it seems are my hoarding secret- I never clean out that hidden mess. Well, I merrily deleted away. I really do not need ALL those pictures, although  it was fun to see so many pictures of my class of 2015-2016. Lo and behold my eyes nearly popped out of my head-what was that I nearly deleted???

I paused for a moment and really looked… there was my missing recipe card, nearly complete! I immediately stopped what I was doing to transcribe what I could. All the ingredients are there-really it is just a few steps and the cooking times (which never seem to be accurate anyway).

When a friend texted me to check on my day the first thing I shared was that I “found” my recipe.

“Well, you’ve found your slice for the day!” she answered.

“That’s exactly what I thought, too!” I smiled.

Now there’s a friend who knows me well!

Believe me when I say you should try this recipe too.

5 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 23-Lost and Found!

  1. Erika, your posts are sustaining me now more than ever. I am definitely going to try this carrot cake recipe! From EAGLE School in Madison, WI, Carol van D.

  2. That’s awesome! I love when I find something that was dear to me or that I was looking for. With technology, pictures are everything! I even take pictures of slides in meetings and professional development. Also, what a great friend!

  3. Serendipity at its finest! Love that you found exactly what you needed without intending to do so!
    “Pictures, it seems are my hoarding secret- I never clean out that hidden mess.” This is such a vivid image in my mind and so, so true for most of us! Beautiful choice of words to make your point.

  4. I actually used your post about losing the recipe to post for the 8th grade home ec class as I got them started on using Kidblog to made a food blog. I can’t wait to share this happy post with the Home Ec teacher!! Congrats!! I thought of you today as I wrote my post. It included a part about seeing the art installation at th World Trade Center memorial. I’m so glad we visited there together. I hope you get a chance soon to make that recipe!

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