Emails That Make Me Cry


#sol20- April 7, 2020

In the past three days I have received three emails that made me cry. One was from a friend’s mother, who has become a friend as well. She was offering me a place to stay in case I decided to leave her and go to the US. I sobbed reading her kind offer.

The next was for a totally different reason. A friend from junior high school (which was a loooong time ago) sent me a note to join an uplifting message email chain. While I liked the idea I felt I could not do it justice at the moment so sent her a quick email declining.

Her response:

That was cold.”
I cried thinking that in my own busy world I was letting down a friend who may have really needed this positive email chain.
I then wrote her a longer email and assured her that I had not meant to offend her. Her next response:
“No worries! xxx Tam”
So, of course, I sent her another email reminding her that I love her. Now I need to find a great poem to send her way.
Today’s email that made me cry:
“I am not sure how to get on to zoom on a iPad.”
This from a student who has not yet participated in online school. He is reaching out to try to connect with the class and I sobbed with relief. We then had a series of back and forth emails where I coached him as he downloaded the app, etc. Hopefully, he said,  he will join us for Morning Meeting tomorrow.


I know I am not alone in feeling my emotions more strongly at the moment, but these three emails remind me that love is always the right choice. I am grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life and I miss them irl.

5 thoughts on “Emails That Make Me Cry

  1. You are right about emotions being raw at this time. Love conquers all! Be good to yourself.

  2. Hello Ms Victor from ISKL! As we are all working through these trying times I have been sorting through the many places that our domestic helper has managed to fill with items over the past 8 years. I guess I never gave it much thought about where my children’s old uniforms went, I just purchased new ones every year. Well over the Malaysian lockdown I have managed to find those missing uniforms along with 8 years of school papers and alas books from school. And some with your name on them. It brought back such great memories as Jamie and I went through his book shelves and we truly wish to return your books plus more if you are a willing recipient. Thank you for sharing your love and affection for reading and truly sharing this with your students. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you have been a great example to my son.

    Hope you are well and as always we look forward to seeing you at Nerd Camp (although not sure if we will be going back to US this year). Sorry to communicate through your blog but it was the one connection that seemed most current. You can communicate with me direct at for further coordination. Once you let me know your email address I will send you a list of the books and you can let me know which ones you want.

    Hope you are keeping safe, stay home and read! Very warm regards, Donna Garnett

  3. Know that I am wiping my eyes after reading your slice! So much to deal with. Friends – students – and all from the 4 walls of our home. SO much unknown. Yet, we do what we can do – offer shelter, reconnect with old friends, coach from afar, rejoice in a student’s reconnection. And cry through it all. Thanks for sharing. Stay well.

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