In the Middle of the Night- March 2, 2021 #sol21

#sol21- March 2, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I do not remember the last time I slept through the night (I feel for you new parent, you think those days will end some day, well…maybe you will be lucky). Here’s the thing- I live alone, it should be easy- I have no one to blame but me. My wake up with the kids nights are way past. But last night I saw 11:44, 1:56, and then 5:20 glare at me from my digital clock and I had no alarm to wake up to as it is a break from school.

I blame my body. I remember years ago a gynecologist commented, “You sure can tell you are a teacher, with a bladder that size.! I knew what she meant (and you do too if you are a teacher)- toilet breaks just do not happen (one perk of online school, they do happen).

Somehow that large bladder does not transfer to nights. Whenever I wake up I do a scan. Do I have to go to the bathroom? Was I snoring? Are there dogs barking outside? Is my air conditioning leaking? What made me wake up? Is someone breaking into my apartment? I usually decide I might as well use the toilet to eliminate future wake ups.

Then there is a whole new checklist.

  • flip flops on
  • light on or off?
  • indulge my inner nosy and look out the window to see who else is up?
  • look for the moon and stars?
  • flush?
  • read for a bit afterward?
  • give up and stay up?

Last night was a three pee night, a good night is only one.

14 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night- March 2, 2021 #sol21

  1. Ha! A three pee night! I feel your pain. It doesn’t matter how big the bladder is during the school day, it becomes over-active after dark. I made my own three trips last night. (I chose to flush…)

  2. I’m crying and laughing at “three pee night.” Now I need to go. I had the same kind of night last night and seem to be in my way to another one like it tonight. *sigh*

  3. My boss is the same way! I’m lucky to be able to sleep through the night most of the time. On the odd occasion that I can’t, it ruins the next day. Hope you can sleep tonight!!

  4. I am pretty sure I have heard it called age-related peculiarities. The trip to the toilet wouldn’t be a problem if the sleep returned fast after that. I like how you address this with humor.

  5. You almost perfectly described my nights – except Ugg slippers and not flip flops – without mentioning sweating. Where is the part about waking up drenched and the mental dilemma of get up or don’t get up? When you go from on fire to freezing? I listen to audio books and that does the trick for me getting back to sleep. Now with the two broken arms … it’s just a mess! Thank you for bringing humor to a frustrating topic!

  6. Fellow intermittent sleeper here. My son’s asthma started this pattern a decade ago. I had almost overcome it and started sleeping like a normal human, then… one hysterectomy later, nope. That ship has sailed and sunk. I’ve found my best sleep happens right before it’s time for my alarm clock!

    I love- and relate to- the humor and honesty in this post.

  7. I am so sorry that this made me laugh, LOL.

    Well, our toddler is actually a pretty good sleeper, most nights anyway. When I was pregnant with him, I would often brag (whoops!) that I was still sleeping like a queen. I didn’t wake up to pee, I didn’t wake up uncomfortable – all the way until the last 2-3 weeks. This time, however, I’m only at the end of the second trimester, and I think I was up at those same times you were, but here in Houston! WHEW!

    Sending you happy, restful sleep blessings!

  8. I feel your pain. There are a few nights I can sleep soundly through, but a lot more two-pee nights. Why does that teacher bladder not work at night? Thanks for the laughs.

  9. I can relate. While I’m not up that often the vertical bladder capacity is much greater than the horizontal bladder.

    One thing that has worked for getting back to sleep. I have a pencil and a pad of paper–yes,the paper problem– that I use to jot down what is bothering me. Then I seem to be able to relax enough to drift back to sleep. Peace!

  10. Sleep. You don’t realize what a commodity it is until you can’t get it. This was a wonderful slice! I do something that may help at three A.M. I say the alphabet backwards. Try it. It may just do the trick!

  11. This is brutally honest and I love it. Thank you for making me laugh about the silly things in life that can oft be totally annoying. Why not choose to enjoy a laugh instead?

  12. Erika, I am behind in reading the string of post that you started with this one, so I had to come and read it. Somehow yesterday when I read Terje’s post (and she linked here) I hadn’t clicked. Then last night I had a three-pee night. I love the terminology you coined here and finally got out of bed at 5:20, after lots of questions and writing notes so I wouldn’t forget. Today it is my turn to write about my nighttime musings. Thanks for starting us thinking!

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