My Writer’s Heart Grew Today!

#sol21- November 30, 2021

Today was a day- one of those days that has strong peaks and valleys- ack. I am choosing one of the peaks- my notebook holds the valleys for today too.

I walked to the classroom next door to check in with them- it was indoor recess- lots of rain!

“Are we starting WRiting Club again?” Y asked.

“Hmm, should we?” I asked.

“Yes!” she answered.

“When would you like to have it?” I asked. When we were online we had it as a “wake up and write” at first, before Morning Meeting, and then later, during morning recess time.

“I can’t do it on Fridays anymore because I have a duty then. Would you prefer morning recess or lunch recess?”

After some think time she decided she would like Monday mornings. “I think we should have it Monday mornings, because sometimes on Mondays I just want some quiet time'”

Me too, I thought! “Should we have it grades 4 and 5 like before, or include grade 3 too?” I asked.

“Maybe I could ask around and see if enough fifth graders want to do it, so we could just have it for grade 5,” she answered.

By then her friend, F was there too and halfway convinced she would join in too. She had never joined before. I left them as they were preparing to survey their class, but not before I told her, “You made my writer’s heart grow today. I am glad you want to write together again. Today is my blogging day too and you have given me my story of the day.”

Y smiled and walked off.

I look forward to the results of her survey and writing with the club again!

6 thoughts on “My Writer’s Heart Grew Today!

  1. Don’t you love when the students come up with the idea? You know, then, that they truly love the activity. You are nurturing future writers, and I can feel my heart swell for these kids through you.

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