Note Catcher Surprise

#sol22- May 24, 2022

I have some skills that benefit me as a fifth grade teacher- one of which is I am pretty good at catching note passers. I don’t purposefully look out for notes, but I do notice them. Today I saw a green scrap of paper being passed and I walked over and held out my hand, “Noooooo,” A said.

I said nothing but held out my hand. I waited.


“I’m not going to read it yet,” I said as the scrap was dropped in my hand.

I walked across the room and put the note in plain view in a pencil cup on the counter and promptly forgot about it.

Later in the day, A was over by the counter looking guilty as he tried to retrieve the note. “Nope, that’s mine now. Leave it there, I said.

I promptly forgot about it again.

At the end of the day while packing up the note caught my eye.

I unfolded it.

” Do you like Ms. Erika?

Yes/No” it said with a column for respondents to add their name to the correct column.

Hmm, I thought, it is that time of year. We are all getting a little nostalgic about the year ending while feeling ready. We have 7 1/2 school days left.

Then I looked again. There were only about 6 names there and they were all on the “yes” side. I nodded my head. Yep, I like them too! Maybe it is lucky I caught the note before more names were added.

What a year it has been and I am ready for a break, but I really love this group! Sigh!

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