SOLC21- March 21, 2015 Trying to Beat the Rain- Will I Ever Learn?


March 21, 2105

While it is officially the dry season here there have been many days with rain lately. I refuse to wear a rain coat because they make me too hot, and I  usually do not take an umbrella along either. I notice  the locals do not  either, so what to do when the rain comes down? It is not often a gentle pitter patter, but quickly accelerates to a torrential downpour. Sometimes when I look out my window it looks fine out, but by the time I get the elevator down 15 stories it is chucking down. Rather than go back up I will usually (unwisely as it often turns out) decide to brave the weather.

Today when I left to catch a bus the wind was really whipping up- usually a sign of an imminent storm. I was only going about 10 minutes away and arrived safely before any rain. Fast forward a few hours and upon setting out for home later it was ever so slightly drizzling and looked like it was ending, so I dodged the storm… or did I? I got on the bus safely but had a longer than necessary ride home because of tons of traffic. When I got to my stop there was road construction (welcome to Malaysia), so I had to walk in the street as the sidewalk was no more. Then the rain started coming down harder so that by the time I got to cross the street I was pretty wet. I ducked into the mall to get a few groceries and when I headed home it was just drizzling again, so the walk next door to get home was dry. I would like to think that the next time I go out the door I would carry an umbrella “just in case”, but I know me- realistically it is unlikely, as I always think I will avoid the rain. Happily (as I told a taxi driver the other day who was concerned about me getting out into the rain) I always dry!


11 thoughts on “SOLC21- March 21, 2015 Trying to Beat the Rain- Will I Ever Learn?

  1. margaretsmn

    This is a funny little ditty about you and your refusal to carry an umbrella. I have to have an umbrella at all times because in south Louisiana, the rain is hard. And I am superstitious that if I don’t carry one, it’ll rain. If I do, it won’t.

  2. anita

    I’m not an umbrella person so I too just get a little wet; however, I am not waiting for public transportation very often. The good news, is we don’t melt!

  3. Maureen Ingram

    I feel the pain of this – “Sometimes when I look out my window it looks fine out, but by the time I get the elevator down 15 stories it is chucking down.” Aack! I’m not big on umbrellas, either.

  4. franmcveigh

    The whole idea of an umbrella and being prepared is great! However, I’m not big on “packing an umbrella or a raincoat” either! If I’m optimistic, I know that I’ll dry and when I’m pessimistic, I know that it will just take LONGER to dry out!

  5. onathought

    I too am not an umbrella person! I always “forget.” but I hate when my glasses get rain on them. So if I have to go far — I try to grab the umbrella. 🙂

  6. Jaana

    I have an umbrella in the car. I still get wet when I don’t remember to take it with from the car! Thankfully, we are not made of sugar! Enjoyed reading a bit about Malaysia!


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