SOLC28- March 28, 2015 Spring Break Plans or Not


March 28, 2015

Spring Break Plans

Today was the first day of Spring Break and I have almost no plans. I think I am okay with this, but I hope it stays true.

Here are my plans:

  • Read, read, read (#bookaday is my plan)
  • Go to two concerts (Tuesday and Friday night, both at the Malaysian Philharmonic. The first is the MPO with the YouthMPO playing together in a chamber concert- tickets were only about $15. The second is advertised as “Mardi Gras in New Orleans” and I love jazz.
  • Do a tiny bit of school work (nerd alert- I spent some time this morning sketching out our nonfiction research/writing unit and checking which books to use for mini-lessons. I will plan the reading lessons and mark two small assignments).
  • Book my summer flights-really must do this! Due to Malaysian tax laws I am here until July 2, but then I will head to the US for 3 weeks. I plan to attend nErDCampMI and the IRA Conference, so I can meet up with other book nerds and meet authors. I will be able to see most of my immediate family in Boston and a few friends too.
  • Get the air conditioning serviced in my apartment and those of a few of my friends’ too, as he is coming here (the only obligation of break).
  • Catch up on some podcasts I like to listen to.
  • Try out a few places to wander in KL.
  • Visit a few book stores (already was at one earlier today).
  • I should go to Ikea and get a few things- not sure if this will happen.
  • Get a massage or two.
  • I really should use the pool and gym here- have not been in either since moving here.
  • With any extra time read, read, read. I have quite a stack of books I want to read (physical and Kindle).
  • I think it sounds relaxing- just hope it is not toooo quiet.

4 thoughts on “SOLC28- March 28, 2015 Spring Break Plans or Not

  1. Darlene Andre

    Your Spring Break sound perfect. Being so far away makes it an adventure, at least in my eyes. I too hope to be at IRA this summer. We will see if that works. I just began spring break as well and really need to make a list.

  2. Jaana

    My spring break will start in a week. Reading is on my agenda as well. I hope to be at the nErDCampMI as it is pretty close to where I live, and it was so much fun last year!! Happy relaxing this week! P.S. Massage sounds heavenly!


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