The One Where I Reveal The Side of Me That Is Not Cynical #sol16 Day 13 of 31


The One Where I Reveal The Side of Me That Is Not Cynical

I think it is fair to say that in many ways I could be considered cynical. I often feel like I am the one thinking (and sometimes even saying) “The emperor has no clothes.” There are, however,  a few areas where I am decidedly not cynical (does that make me naive, idealistic, or just romantic?). One thing that I am rarely cynical about is love. My mother on my 50th birthday said, “It looks like you will be the third generation of women in our family to live this phase of your live alone.” Bam- mic drop. While it may end up being true (I am divorced and not dating), it is not what I wanted to hear. I like to think that Mr. Right may drop from the sky one day (which would be about the only way I could meet somone as I do not have much of a social life and the little I do have is all with school friends).

Today I celebrated love. A colleague is getting married this summer and a few other colleagues hosted a “couples” shower (which mostly meant that men and women were invited, not that everyone had to be a couple to go, but it could have been worded differently). It was fun to see pictures of them, hear some of their stories, and celebrate them. Some of their family member sent videos and their parents were meeting for the first time on this same day thousands of miles away. We were told to bring a small gift for a game (something they might need or something funny) and the couple had to guess who brought each gift. It turned out that we know them well. They got many gifts related to wine and their cat, while others were a mix of practical or funny. The food was yummy, the conversations fun, and the reason to be together great. It was lovely to be with a group of people all gathered for love. There are many kinds of love and you can never have too many celebrations- this combined both.  Today I am glad that in this crazy world H and T have found each other and love! Here’s to their future!

3 thoughts on “The One Where I Reveal The Side of Me That Is Not Cynical #sol16 Day 13 of 31

  1. Love comes unexpectedly sometimes but that mic-drop by mom was loud. Keeping the cynic at bay is a difficult task for many of us. I’m glad you found an inspiring story to write and may your own new story will unfold, too, when the time comes.

  2. I think you and I live in similar places. I’m a fifty-something, never married woman. At this point in my life, I would really like someone around, as much for companionship and to do things, as anything else, but like you, I’m not dating. I’m also not brave enough to try a dating website, even though I know a lot of people that have. Sometimes I enjoy events like this, and sometimes they leave me filled with longing…

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