#sol17- August 1, 2017

Living in the tropics nature and wildlife often take on new definitions. In general, insects seem to be more present and bigger here. There seem to be a few times a year where a few tiny ants make my home theirs. It is a low-level irritation- they stay out of my food and trek back and forth across the white tile floor for a few weeks and then word seems to get out that it is not so interesting in A-15-16 and as stealthily as they appear they are gone.

I was away for 4 weeks this summer and the ants seemed to become more content in the apartment. So far ignoring them is not doing the trick. Neither is the vinegar I keep wiping along the path they take from the front door and along the baseboard in the dining area. I am hesitant to use more serious means, as I have a cat (and although I find one pet quite enough the ants seem to need more convincing).

I have to admit the ants are smart, or at least they communicate amazingly well and just have bad taste. The other day my cat threw up. She does this more than I’d like- seems to be a combination of lots of shedding and a sensitive stomach. Usually, I hurry over to clean up her mess, but this day I wanted to finish my breakfast first. Imagine my horror when I made it over with a paper towel and saw that the ants had bellied up to their own breakfast bar-ugh- and they called in all their long lost relatives!



Sorry- gross to see cat throw up, but focus on the ants! I do not know how they got word so quickly!


I cleaned up the mess quickly and that was that. I am still seeing a few ants checking around for treats, but only a few.

I won’t tell you about the visitor I killed yesterday morning in my kitchen, but I am hoping you will tell me it was NOT a cockroach… I am hoping that word gets out in the insect world that this is NOT the place to hang out!


Please tell me it is not!


5 thoughts on “Bugged!

  1. aileenhower

    We moved into a house that has not been lived in for about 6-8 months – a flip. We initially had any issues. I love your line: “Not sure how they got word so quickly.” That’s what I was thinking when one child would drop just one crumb. We still have spiders who have taken over our basement – our bedroom. Your post, therefore, resonated with me greatly.

  2. jarhartz

    Ants! Yuck. They are amazingly crafty as is your writing. I’ve fought this battle so many times. I feel your pain. At the beginning of the summer, I came home to find an exterminator “treating” the house. One of those things my husband decided to do without having a discussion. I wasn’t happy because of our cat and I hate the idea of pesticides. As of now, no ants and the cat is fine. So as much as I hated the idea it worked.

  3. Denise Krebs

    What a slice of life! We all have to have that one a time or two or more. I’ll tell you it’s not a cockroach. (I hope I’m right! I think it’s a cricket.) Good luck!

  4. Ramona

    Oh, the critters that can make our life miserable. When we moved to Texas, I couldn’t believe the size of the cockroaches AND that everyone battled them. Where I grew up, you only had cockroaches if you weren’t clean in your housekeeping. I’m glad the ant problem seems to be diminishing. I’m not a fan of bugs, especially in my living spaces.


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