Internet Woes #sol18 March 28, 2018 Day 28 of 31

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI know this is really minor in the big picture, but traveling makes some things an issue that are not even considerations at other times. I sometimes complain about my internet at home, but traveling and expecting WiFi brings on new levels of frustration. I suspect I inadvertently messed with settings at one point on my phone and computer because I usually have more trouble connecting than whoever I am traveling with. In general, I would have more of a “who cares” attitude, but March stresses me out, between making sure to blog daily, link my post, comment on at least three other slices, link any student posts, well internet access is key.

Nonetheless, here I am, settled in my new hotel room poking out a slice on my phone, because I have not yet managed to get my computer connected to the free WiFi… I know, I should stop complaining and go explore Bangkok. Problem minimized, by delaying the issue:)


3 thoughts on “Internet Woes #sol18 March 28, 2018 Day 28 of 31

  1. I want instant wifi connections and it is never that easy with my chromebook and I don’t understand why. I think it should be as easy as my phone, but it’s not! Safe travels and may the blessed wifi continue to work for at least one device! 🙂

  2. Should I congratulate you on being in Bangkok? Sounds like a cool place to be, I mean, “hot” cool! 😉 And congrats on sticking to the challenge even under less than ideal circumstances.

  3. Wow, you do need to allow yourself to simplify and enjoy your trip, lol! Sometimes being cut off from it all is a good thing! I am a, “Gotta have my connection now!” freak but sometimes I find it refreshing to just say, I can’t access the internet!

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