#sol18 July 10, 2018

I am writing this from my fourth trip to camp.

There are so many reasons I have come back again. Today I am in full mooch mode, however. In 6 days I leave for Cambodia and I am reveling in my time here to get in as much in person learning I can do with the many experts here. Admittedly it also is stressing me a bit~will I be able to get all the books I need for my yearly Mock Caldecott? Well, Carrie Davies and Kurt Stroh’s session helped me add to my list of books I have to buy before Monday…luckily, Lesley Burnap’s session on mindfulness, helped bring me back to my goal-soaking in all the goodness and brilliance of the people around me, while I can. I love being able to wonder in the company of all the brilliant minds! Now, off to another session!



2 thoughts on “#nErDcampmi

  1. Terje

    I am happy for you to have this opportunity. Your words clearly show your excitement and appreciation.

  2. Ramona

    What fun to be at Nerd Camp! So glad you have this opportunity before you head off to Cambodia and your new school. There’s nothing that compares to soaking in the goodness and brilliance of others to revive you for a new year!


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