#SoL20- Day 18-The View from Here


#sol20- March 18, 2020

Wherever you are you are likely dealing with Covid-19. We are here too in Cambodia. It is a bit hard to separate truth from rumor here (as it may be where you are as well). Today I learned about some anti-foreigner issues that I did not know about. All but one (I think) of the confirmed cases in country so far are “imported” cases, meaning a foreigner tested positive. Officially we have 35 cases (a number that has tripled in the last 48 hours and is likely much higher) with over 1000 tested.

Today I heard that some stores have “no foreigner” signs on them-to shut out the virus.  Already some businesses are closing up shop (not because they have been ordered to (yet), just that business is that bad. As a developing country, Cambodia has had some support from other countries for years, whereas in recent years there has been less of this support because there was more in place here than some nearby countries. With local businesses closing up there is really no safety net. with “foreigners” feeling unwelcome that adds another layer of complexity. I hope this rumor is not true.

Writing this down makes me see so many connections to big issues worldwide. I worry about this lovely country if the virus spreads much more here- there already are not many older Cambodians because of the Khmer Rouge regime and the aftermath. People age fast here- so I feel like even younger people are at more risk. The health care system is not very sophisticated.

Sorry for this depressing slice of what is on my mind right now.


9 thoughts on “#SoL20- Day 18-The View from Here

  1. Hey Erika. I think with each passing day it gets harder and harder for everyone. I am trying to keep a positive mindset but will not lie it does seem to be a challenge. Stay tough and maybe see if you can start writing that book you’ve been wanting to write faster than I can 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing what it is like in other countries. I think we get very short-sighted and forget that people are dealing with this all over the world. You will be in my thoughts. It certainly is a tough time for all right now.

  3. Erika, thanks for sharing your honest feelings. I wrote about a few things that made me smile yesterday. And not about how I awoke anxious at 2:30am, worried that this “thing” would go on and on. While we try to put on a brave face, I appreciated your view from afar. Stay well and keep writing.

  4. Thank you for your view of life there. It is important to stay connected both for you to express what you see and feel and for others (us) know what is happening across the world. Thinking of you and the lovely country.

  5. Oh wow. Thank you for sharing this. Even though it is sad, it is real and what you are experiencing right now. All of this is so depressing. Sending thoughts as you navigate through these next weeks in Cambodia!

  6. I think one of the best parts for the SOL this year is hearing about how this crazy virus is impacting all of us in so many different ways around the year.

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