A Blast from the Past

#sol20- December 15, 2020

At one point, eons ago, I signed up for LinkedIn. I never use it, but have not unsubscribed. I get updates that friends have made new connections there, but still I have yet to see the value… until last night.

Last night I got a LinkedIn update with a message to me copied into the email:

Hello Ms. Victor, This is Lilly xxxxx. I hope you still remember me. I am in DP1 now at XXXXXXXXXXXX School, and in my first TOK essay I described how you taught me how to love books (I still do!). I hope you and your cats are well. Kind regards, Lilly

Now, I taught Lilly 8 years ago two schools ago, but immediately she flashed before my eyes and I could picture her as an 8 year old and even hear her voice. Her message was such a kindness and I immediately answered her back letting her know this.

Just the day before I had been doing the math with my current class and realizing that my first class of fifth graders were now 46-year-olds. Hard to believe! I wish I could hear from them all. Having moved so many times in my life I have lost touch with almost all of them.

There is nothing like a (positive) blast from the past to cheer up a long day online. It has me projecting 11 years from now and picturing the kids I teach now and wherever we may be then. I hope they all still love books!

4 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. Fran Haley

    How awesome is that? A gift, indeed… your post is a reminder of the gems that often lie hidden in the hard work of teaching. I rejoice with you (and oh yeah, maybe I need to update my neglected LinkedIn!).

  2. A. Shruti

    A message from the students past always makes up for all the trials and tribulations of the day. Happy for you, savour the memory. Pray you get connected to many more who must definitely be thinking about you, every time they take a new book in hand, for rousing in them the love for books.


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